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Industry Blockchain Consortiums led by SAP

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SAP is bringing likeminded industry leaders and the companies they do business with together, to facilitate requirement definitions for some of the biggest business challenges – turning blockchain to reality and challenges to opportunity, for all.


We have listened to our customers feedback via our Enterprise Blockchain Survey.  SAP has heard you, and we want to work with you on some of the most challenging problems facing your industry and find exciting new business models.


SAP Blockchain: Good for Business, Good for the Planet
Blockchain has the potential to revolutionize how organizations operate. And do good for the planet, too. See how SAP is using blockchain to reduce food waste, a huge contributor to climate change. Watch to learn more about how SAP Blockchain helps make the world run better.
Verifying Pharmaceutical Products Using Blockchain
Discover how SAP Leonardo can help Life Science companies provide added value to patients by uniquely identifying and verifying pharmaceuticals to mitigate the risk of counterfeit drugs and ensuring secure data management along the supply chain.
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Customer Quotes

In Intel’s continuous pursuit of operational excellence, we are exploring Blockchain-based solutions in a range of critical applications that involve the exchange of trusted information, an important application for Intel is the cross-border shipping process.  Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize this process by delivering real-time transparency, greater efficiency, and reduced customs clearance throughput times.  Realizing these transformative benefits requires a Blockchain-connected network of suppliers, manufacturers, carriers, and distributors.  We are pleased to be a founding member of the SAP-led Consortium that provides the platform, framework and organization to drive the supply chain industry towards achieving that vision – as well as to benefit our customers.

Intel, Linda Cheung, Director of Global Solutions

SAP Blockchain Community Initiatives

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If you have any questions about the SAP Industry Blockchain Consortium or the SAP Blockchain Co-Innovation program, please send us email at blockchain@sap.com


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